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Laminate Installation In Arizona


Laminate comes in a variety of ceramic and wood designs, and colors, as well as a real, hardwood veneer instead of a printed film. It looks just like hardwood.

Laminate floors come in both squares and planks, with a thin plastic underlayment needed to seal out moisture. (Note, humidity and moisture are enemies of your laminate flooring.) Almost all laminate floors require a plastic underlay (4 mils poly) sheet installed directly underneath the laminate planks or tiles


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Our Laminate Services

Laminate floors provide many benefits. The following are reasons for you to consider when going with Laminate floors. There are several types of reclaimed wood flooring. Speak with one of our experts to learn more about your options.


Laminate flooring comes in many different types, ranging from tongue and grooved and an attached underlayment to reduce noise.


Laminate floors that require the application of a special formulated glue make it almost impossible to pull apart once the glue is dried. Available in both planks and squares.


No mess, because the already applied glue to the tongue and grooves makes these floors quick and easy-to-install.

Placing a poly underlay is recommended to block moisture and stop the glue from adhering to the subfloor.

Pros of Laminate Flooring

Hardwood floors provide many benefits. The following are reasons for you to consider when going with hardwood floors:

1. Laminate vs. Hardwood

Just as there are many different types and styles of flooring materials, there are various price ranges to go along with it. Beginning with a budget in mind first will help you determine what flooring works best for you.

2. The Durability of Laminate vs. Hardwood

Before you choose, take a hard look at the area for your new flooring. Is this a high traffic space, and does it receive direct sunlight?

3. Repairing Laminate vs. Hardwood

All flooring will need repairing at some time or another. Mishaps happen, and high traffic can harm your floor. Both laminate and hardwood have benefits and limitations.

Because laminate flooring is so durable, it’s less susceptible to wear and tear from pets and foot traffic. While it withstands moisture better than hardwood, it should not be in a regularly wet area of the home.

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